Get Connected with Lighthouse
If you are looking for a church that can meet you and your families needs, look no further. We have a range of ministries to help meet your needs, from children's church to men's fellowship. The Apostolic Lighthouse wants to
help you grow closer to God. Come feel a warm welcome and most important the presence of the Lord at the Apostolic Lighthouse and get connected.

If you are looking for a point to begin, a place to belong, a promise to believe, or a purpose to become we invite you to come and worship with usat the Apostolic Lighthouse. Our services are powerful, personal and practical designed with you in mind. Our worship is heartfelt and energetic, our teaching is relevant for today, and our preaching is passionate. Come see for yourself, watch God change lives, break addictions and heal families. Jesus Christ is alive and doing the miraculous come and find out what he has in store for your life.
Apostolic Lighthouse Church